Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are these STUDENT DRIVER signs real magnets or are they vinyl?

Our signs are real magnets.  They are NOT vinyl signs. They are silk-screened onto the same professional grade magnets that are used to print magnetic advertising car signs.


2. What size are the signs?

The magnetic signs are 11 inches x 4 1/2 inches.  We have found that this is the perfect size for visibility as well as usability (conforms to the curves of the car).


3.  Why did you choose the red lettering and white background?

A lot of thought went into the color choice.  When the highway engineers have an important message and they want to get the driver's attention quickly they use the white/red color scheme.  Next time you get a chance take a look at the signs on the exit off-ramps that read "WRONG DIRECTION TURN BACK" to alert drivers that they are about to get on the highway going the wrong way.  That's the sign that convinced us to choose the red lettering on white background.   We have offered signs with yellow background and black lettering in the past. The yellow/black signs didn't sell nearly as well as the red/white signs so we decided to just offer the signs that people preferred.

3.  Do you offer discounts for larger quantities?

Absolutely! Email us for a quote.


We also offer special pricing on bulk orders to  licensed driving schools . Click here to request more information.